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Cheers! To 6 years…

…and many many more! Today I step away from my computer/editing/emails to go to breakfast with my future husband in celebration of 6 amazing years together. He deserves much more of my time and attention, but I’ll be honest, he hasn’t gotten a lot of it lately. Wedding season has been absolutely amazing but the late nights and long days have taken their toll on my personal life. But throughout the madness, he’s always there. Always. Asking if there’s anything he can help with, fixing my printer at 1am, keeping me caffeinated, and even driving me to two states in one weekend for weddings. He’s my cheerleader, my chauffeur, and my Director of I.T. (lucky for me he works for free!) and never complaining, not even once. He encourages me when I’m filled with insecurities and celebrates my small successes. I know this year would not have been possible without his support and I’ll never be able to repay him for the sacrifices he makes day to day, to make MY dreams come true. And if this year wasn’t amazing enough, he asked me to marry him! How’d I get so lucky!? So today we’ll celebrate over breakfast, with cinnamon rolls as big as our head, while we talk about our wedding plans and I thank my lucky stars that I get to marry my dream guy 🙂

Ending this post with a couple of the photos I managed to snap from when we got engaged during a family vacation this July. Like any photographer who just got engaged/can’t stop shaking/can’t process what just happened would do…grab the camera! 😉 Happy Friday, have a beautiful weekend!

Our Proposal Story Our Proposal Story Our Proposal Story

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  1. Caili says:

    This is AMAZING! I had chills the whole way through. Cheers to you and Brian! You guys are so amazing together. xoxo

  2. cathryn probst says:

    aw…. Love to Both of you !!!

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