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It was a beautiful weekend! Brian and I stood up for two of our favorite people as they became man and wife in the beautiful city of Detroit ( a photo from our hotel below!) It was an absolute whirlwind and I’m terribly sad it’s over. But as I’m back in my little home office, I’m planning for the week and refocusing on creativity and inspiration.

Netflix really is the bee’s knees. And I’m talking about the new Netflix, not the mail-your-DVD-get-a-DVD-back kind of Netflix. It’s a great resource for old movies, new movies, and movies you may not have heard of. Throughout the past year, Brian and I have been on somewhat of a documentary kick and have found some great movies on Netflix. Of course I favor movies with a creative flare, but these movies are worth a watch, creative junkie or not! Here are a few of my favorites.


Exit Through The Gift Shop: By now, most people have heard of the street artist Banksy or at least have seen his work. And this movie doesn’t focus entirely on Banksy, but rather an eccentric film maker named Thierry who befriends him and starts documenting Banksy along with other street artists all over the world. Throughout the film you realize Thierry is actually a terrible filmmaker but is somehow convinced by Banksy to become a street artist himself, and the story from there takes an interesting turn.

Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry: Talk about an artist who is not afraid of taking risks. This film centers around a Chinese artist and activist who is continually running into trouble with the Chinese government. His story is so compelling and brings the issue of freedom of expression to the fore front. We are lucky to live in a country where we can express ourselves, for the most part, how we chose. But that isn’t the case for most of the rest of the world.

Bill Cunningham New York: This movie literally brought me to tears and inspired a late night blog post (see that here.) A film following veteran NYC fashion photographer as he obsessively captures the fashion of the city and his journey of living a creative life. A true street style pioneer and yet a quiet soul just doing what he loves everyday. It is a BEAUTIFUL film that reminded me of commitment to doing what you love and seeing the beauty in everything and everyone.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: A capturing story about an 85-year-old sushi master’s dedication to his craft, and to serving the best out of his Michelin rated restaurant ironically located next to the subway in Japan. The film is so beautifully shot, with tight frames of their hands as they so delicately make the most beautiful sushi. His commitment to perfecting even the smallest details is honorable but at the same time, a loosing battle, as one will never be perfect. Definitely a must see!

Happy Monday!

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