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3 Wedding Traditions You’re Allowed To Break

3 Wedding Traditions You're Allowed To Break - Natalie Probst PhotographyI love the traditions that come with weddings. The exchanging of rings, the cutting of the cake, the first dance (which makes me tear up every. single. time.) But there happen to be a few traditions that I think are okay to break… should you want to of course 🙂

  1. Not seeing each other before the ceremony – You’ve probably heard this referred to as a ‘first look.’ Traditionally it’s been known as bad luck to see one another before the ceremony (you should Google the reasoning behind this…) but for those who aren’t superstitious, a first look can be one of the key factors in having a stress-free wedding day. It’s something I always recommend to my clients and more often than not, they include one into their timeline. I wrote more on this topic in my post on the 5 reasons why every couple should consider a first look. 
  2. Matching bridesmaid dresses – A major trend that breaks tradition in the best way. So many designers are making this trend extremely easy to incorporate into your day, by offering multiple styles. I love the texture that coordinated (rather than matching) bridesmaid dresses bring to group photos. Maybe it’s the same color – different styles, or just a general color palette, but when photographing you and your maids or your wedding party as a whole, coordinated bridesmaid dresses is a trend that I’m on board with. Plus, everyone benefits from feeling comfortable and confident in their bridesmaid dress.
  3. Wearing white on your wedding day – I loveeeee a bride in white. But for the bride who’s not tied to tradition, wearing something other than white can make a bold statement on your wedding day. Whether that’s sticking to a similar tone like off-white, cream or champagne – doing something soft and romantic like a light grey – or being bold with a strong color like black or even red. Wearing something other than white is not for everyone, but can be oh so dramatic. Click here for some some non-traditional wedding dress inspiration.

Happy Wednesday! xo

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