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Friday Faves

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Trying something new this week and featuring a fun post on my current favorite things (I’m secretly just trying to be like Oprah..) Enjoy! 🙂

1. Amazon Kindle Fire: I haven’t been this excited for a gadget since I got a gameboy color as a kid. Seriously. Not only is it perfect for reading/pinning/tweeting/facebooking, it has an awesome color display and I’ve recently used it in client meetings as well to showcase images and client sites.

2. YSL Glossy Lip Stain: I recently went with Amanda and Lisle from Chi-Spy to the Beauty Blush Hour at Nordstrom, a fun event to introduce all the new beauty trends for spring. We were talking that night about how we all wanted to try a fun new lip color (I’m typically a chapstick only type of girl.) Later that night we wandered over to the YSL counter, and voila! I found the perfect shade (#23!). Although I’m a newbie to lip color, I can say that it’s long-lasting, never sticky, and is the perfect accessory for any outfit.

3. Old Navy Gold Ring: Did you know Old Navy has jewelry now? Picked up this simple gem last weekend and have been in love ever since. I was that girl ripping the packaging and proudly displaying my $7.95 purchase on my hand as I walked out the store.

4. Target Sunglasses: I bought these beauties a few weeks ago for $12.99. They have a classic look, and a fun detail strip of gold around the edges. Tres’ Chic for so cheap!

5. Carved Elephant from Kenya: The travel bug has hit me recently and every time I see this elephant I brought home from my trip to Kenya (Brian has the matching mate) I dream of the day I can go back. It was such an amazing adventurous trip and definitely a must-see if you’re thinking of going to Africa.

6. Australian Liquorice: I am a huge Red Vines fan (if you like Twizzlers, I might have to re-think our friendship.) But when I discovered this stuff, I was hooked. It’s a lot chewier and thicker than regular licorice, and comes in flavors like sour apple. Plus, it makes you feel all international and will certainly impress your friends.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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  1. Sarah Keep says:

    love this, Nat! Feelin like I should go out and buy all your recommendations right now 🙂

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